Less plastic in the ocean

Drinking water: the perfect thirst-quencher

Enjoy clean water, give clean water



Dopper is putting a stop to plastic waste

In America alone, over 450,000 single-use plastic bottles are used every minute, of which less than 20% is recycled. The rest goes to landfill, ends up on the street or in our seas and oceans where it forms a plastic soup. This soup contains a billion kilos of plastic. The five oceans where this waste has accumulated contain 36 times more plastic than they contain plankton. Can you imagine that? All that waste/plastic dissolves into the tiniest pieces — it never disappears unless it’s eaten by fish that think it is food. Who do you think eats that fish?
And did you know that every water bottle requires 1 litre of water and a quarter of a litre of oil to produce?

Dopper wants to put a stop to the increase of this plastic soup and shows you that you can easily make a difference. For example, by picking up and throwing away a piece of litter on the street or by drinking from your reusable Dopper bottle. The Dopper is produced with a zero net footprint and is BPA-free*. Your bottle is dishwasher-safe (up to 65 °C / 149 °F) and can easily be cleaned with a dishwashing brush.

Dopper promotes the use of -filtered- tap water

Fresh drinking water is the most sustainable thirst-quencher there is. It quenches your thirst 100% with 0 calories. What's more, it’s practically free. The requirements set for drinking water are far more stringent than those for mineral water. And to make sure everybody knows it, part of the proceeds of the Dopper are put toward the promotion of this delicious water.

Need for water on the go? With the Dopper app  you can find a free tap location near you, anywhere in the world. Keep asking for drinking water. This will increase the number of tap locations.

Dopper supports water projects in Nepal.

Having clean, safe drinking water is a luxury. That is why part of Dopper's proceeds is put toward water projects in the developing country of Nepal, through the Dopper Foundation. Wells are being sunk and sewer systems and clean sanitary facilities are being installed by local contractors, thanks to your Dopper. To realize this, the Dopper Foundation has teamed up with Simavi and its local partners. Simavi devotes extra attention to mothers, because they play a key role in the health of their families.

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*BPA stands for Bisphenol A, a harmful chemical compound that can make its way into your food via plastic. Dopper also excluded other toxins to make a clean and healthy bottle.